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Goals of the mEF Grant prograM

The Millburn Education Foundation (MEF) works to ensure continued educational excellence in Millburn Public Schools by providing grants for innovative and progressive improvements that enrich the academic experience of students.  We do this by providing grants for equipment, technology, programs and staff development that cannot be funded within current budget caps and restrictions.  The MEF welcomes grant applications that further the Millburn Board of Education’s goals and fall into the following broad categories:

Communication Skills

These projects develop students’ skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. They also provide experiences in the performing and fine arts.

Critical thinking & DevelopmenT

These projects are intended to sharpen students’ thinking skills in all areas of the curriculum. Projects enhance students’ abilities to evaluate, plan, organize, analyze and solve problems.

Social & Emotional Learning & Development

These projects enhance students' social and emotional competencies, including their abilities to manage emotions, develop positive relationships, and show empathy for others.  Projects that benefit the physical and/or emotional well being of students will also be considered.


Teaching & Learning Methods & Skills

These projects seek to foster professional growth and development for all staff members.


Grant Cycle

MEF offers ONE grant cycle each year.  

  • This school year applications will be accepted starting in December.

    • Part 1 – DUE FRIDAY, JANUARY 5, 2024 BY 11:59pm

    • Part 2 – DUE WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2024 BY 11:59pm

  • Applicants will be notified of award/denial before the end of the school year with funds generally to be used the following school year. 

our grant process

Our grant process is a multi-tiered process where we include many stakeholders in the selection of grant recipients.

our grant procesS – STEP BY STEP

  • STEP 1 – APPLICANTS COMPLETE PART 1 OF THE APPLICATION – Grant Applicants complete PART 1 of the Grant Application (The Grant Pitch Form) by the specified deadline.

  • STEP 2 – GRANT REVIEW – PART 1 (GRANT PITCH REVIEW) – The MEF Grant Committee carefully reviews Part 1 of all grant submissions along with the Superintendent and Millburn Curriculum Administrators. After receiving feedback from the Millburn School District, the MEF Grant Committee then votes on the finalists to advance to PART 2 in the grant selection process. All grant applicants will be notified if their grant has been accepted into the next round of the process or if their grant has been denied.

  • STEP 3 – APPLICATION FINALISTS COMPLETE PART 2 OF THE APPLICATION – Grant Applicant Finalists who have been notified will complete PART 2 by the specified deadline. 

  • STEP 4 – GRANT REVIEW – PART 2 (FINAL SUBMISSION PHASE) – The MEF Grant Committee reviews the full applications with appropriate stakeholders, including Administration, Principals, Department Heads, PTO representatives, and others as needed. The MEF Grant Committee will reach out to grant applicants to answer any new questions about grant logistics. The MEF Grant Committee will create the final recommended grant list. 

  • STEP 5 – FINAL DISTRICT APPROVAL – The MEF Grant Committee then takes the final recommended grant list to the Superintendent and Curriculum Administrators for a final approval on what gifts and grants the district is willing to accept. 

  • STEP 6 – FINAL MEF BOARD FUNDING APPROVAL – Upon district approval, the MEF Grant Committee then presents the final recommended grant list to the current MEF Board of Trustees for final funding approval. The list of grants will be presented to the Board of Education for acceptance.

  • STEP 7 – GRANTS ARE AWARDED & FUNDED – Upon MEF Board of Trustees funding approval, finalists are notified if their grant will be funded by MEF. Then the fulfillment process begins so that programs, tools/technologies and supplies are provided before the start of the following school year. 

Grant Criteria, Eligibility & considerationS

MEF welcomes innovative proposals. Small-scale projects with the potential to be expanded to other schools and/or grade levels will be considered as carefully as larger scale ones. The MEF Grants Committee screens every grant request diligently. Grants may be submitted by district administrators, teachers, staff, community groups and/or individuals. We encourage applicants to collaborate across schools, grades and departments. Grant applications should be for projects and programs that will be implemented in the NEXT SCHOOL YEAR, not for the current school year.


MEF WILL consider funding:

  • Grants that enhance the academic program,  curriculum guidance or counseling functions of the Millburn Public Schools.

  • Grants that enrich  - not duplicate or replace - the current curriculum and educational structure of the Millburn Public Schools. 

  • Grants that reflect the goals of the Millburn Board of Education and that have the support of a building supervisor and/or appropriate curriculum personnel.

  • Grants that impact a broad number of students and have lasting or sustainable educational value.

  • Grants that are innovative and creative in teaching and/or learning.

  • Grants that implement new and experimental methods of teaching.

  • Grants for which it is possible to determine and judge the results by some measure of quality (see post evaluation procedures) and which may be replicated if successful.

  • Grants are based on one year of funding. If multiple years of funding are needed, a new application must be submitted each year and will be subject to the same review process.


MEF Will NOT Fund:

  • MEF will  not fund grants without the approval of the Millburn Township Board of Education.

  • MEF will not fund grants that replace or relieve existing responsibility for public funding of school programs. Grants are not intended to substitute for normal budget growth and maintenance.

  • MEF will not give more than the amount the Board of Education pays for curriculum development, when requests are made for a stipend for a teacher’s time.

  • MEF will not pay for substitute teachers, for food (catering, meals, etc.), for travel expenses  or for consumable items (standard classroom supplies, etc.).

  • MEF will not grant funds for non-specific expenses. Budgets must be clearly defined and items listed.

Step By Step Grant Process
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