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Teacher Tributes


Show Your Gratitude For Millburn Educators With Our Teacher Tributes!

Teacher Tributes are a great way to thank the fabulous Millburn teachers, administrators, coaches and counselors who have impacted your child's education during the school year. Please consider recognizing their efforts and honoring them with TEACHER TRIBUTES!

How Do Teacher Tributes Work?

Select the Millburn educators you would like to recognize and DONATE $25 per honoree. The Millburn Education Foundation will present each educator with a special certificate of appreciation notifying him/her/them of the honorary donation you've made in their name with a personalized message from your family! You may honor as many Millburn educators as you’d like – simply select the quantity of "Teacher Tributes" and hit the "purchase" button. Feel free to celebrate anyone in the Millburn School District...teachers, coaches, principals, building secretaries, security personnel, lunch aides, special services, guidance counselors, school nurses, custodial staff, district-wide administrators, you name it!

When Are Teacher Tributes Available?

Millburn Education Foundation offers Teacher Tributes twice a year – once in early December to celebrate teachers during the holiday season and once in late May to honor Millburn staff at the end of the year. 

Why Should I Purchase Teacher Tributes?

When you donate in honor of a Millburn staff member, you acknowledge how much our wonderful educators do for our children. Teacher Tribute contributions will support our annual grants program that provides funding for innovative programs, technology, tools and resources across all 8 Millburn schools. Over the last 30+ years, our community's continued support has helped fund over $3.5M in MEF grants to enrich public education for Millburn students, teachers and facilities. 


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