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Senior Parking Raffle

What Is The Senior Parking Raffle?

Every year, the Millburn Education Foundation hosts a raffle for parents of students who are rising seniors. The winner of the raffle will receive a reserved parking spot at MHS for the following year for their child's entire senior school year. 

Who Is Eligible to Participate?

Parents of students who are current Juniors (rising Seniors) at Millburn High School are eligible to participate and purchase tickets. Students are not allowed to purchase tickets due to NJ LGCCC laws & regulations and age requirements.

How Much Are Tickets?

  • $15 for 1 ticket

  • $25 for 2 tickets

  • $100 for 10 tickets


What Is The Raffle Prize?

The winner of the MEF Senior Parking Space Raffle will get an assigned/reserved solo parking space in the MHS lot for the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR during their senior year!


To Enter The Senior Parking Raffle & Purchase Tickets:

Print the FLYER, fill it out and include cash or a check made payable to Millburn Education Foundation. Drop paperwork and payment into the MEF Senior Parking Raffle box at the address listed in the flyer. You can also mail everything, but we must receive all completed forms and money by the deadline. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your entry in the raffle along with further details. Forms or money received after the deadline will be returned and not eligible for the raffle.

When Are Raffle Tickets Available?

Tickets are usually available in late May and early June.

When Is The Raffle Drawing?

The raffle drawing usually happens in June before school ends. Timing is TBD with the MHS principal who always does the ticket drawing to pull the winner's name out of bin!

Why Should I Purchase Senior Parking Raffle Tickets?

All net proceeds will support our annual grants program that provides funding for innovative programs, technology, tools and resources across all 8 Millburn schools. Over the last 30+ years, our community's continued support has helped fund over $3.5M in MEF grants to enrich public education for Millburn students, teachers and facilities. 

Why Is A Reserved Parking Spot So Special?

The MHS parking lot only has 95 spots available to accommodate 320+ driving students. With the MHS parking lottery system that takes place each year, seniors MAY have access to a SHARED parking spot for ONLY ONE SEMESTER. With the Millburn Education Foundation Senior Parking Raffle, the winner gets an UNSHARED solo parking spot for their FULL SENIOR SCHOOL YEAR. So no need to worry about busing, carpooling or finding a parking spot for the other semester.


Any questions? Email us at

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