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The Millburn FilmFest is an annual event that celebrates the work of student filmmakers in the Millburn School District. 


  • To submit, you must be a full-time student enrolled in Millburn High School, Millburn Middle School or Washington School for the current academic year and have played a major role (e.g., director, writer, cinematographer, editor) in the creation of an original film. 

  • The film must have been completed between January 1st of the prior calendar year and the festival submission deadline. 

  • The film must be entirely student produced. Adults (including industry professionals, faculty, parents, guardians, or anyone over the age of 19) may only assist in an advisory capacity or as an actor/documentary subject. 

  • A single student may submit a maximum of two (2) films in which they played one or more of the following roles: producer, director, writer, cinematographer, or editor.


  • Complete an ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM for each film. 

  • Films must be submitted by providing a link to an uploaded film (Note: if a student is unable to submit a link, please contact us at 

  • In addition to the online submission form, students must also complete and retain any and all forms that are relevant to your film (ex:. music releases, location releases , actor releases) 

  • Check out our FILMMAKER CHECK LIST PAGE to make sure you have done everything needed for your film to be considered in this year's festival


  • Submissions may be no shorter than two (2) minutes and no longer than fifteen (15) minutes in length.

  • All films should be suitable for family viewing and as such, the content must be equivalent to a G or PG movie rating. Films with gratuitous obscenity or violence, or whose subjects are in poor taste, will be disqualified. 

  • It is recommended that filmmakers use original or copyright-free music for soundtracks. 

  • Films must contain either original music or music for which the artist has been granted copyright use. Please submit the artist’s release to use the music with your submission form. 

  • Creativity and originality are encouraged. Films must be the student’s own original work. Re-edited versions of videos not shot by the student will be rejected. At least 90% of the footage should be original work; if any portion of the film incorporates an outside source (e.g., news footage), the submission must be accompanied by permission to use the footage. 

  • Films not in English must be clearly subtitled or dubbed into English.


  • A panel of at least four judges comprised of some combination of Millburn School District faculty or staff; film, theater, or media professionals; and/or residents of Millburn/Short Hills will judge the films. The Millburn Education Foundation, in its sole discretion, will appoint the judges. 

  • Judges will evaluate submitted films on the basis of: 

  1. Story (originality/creativity

  2. Production values (quality and complexity of camera work, editing, pacing, lighting, sound, etc.) 

  3. Overall impression


  • The panel of judges will use its best efforts to the select the winning films. The judges are not required to select any winning films and may select no winning films if they decide, in their sole discretion, that no films meet the Millburn FilmFest’s criteria or objectives. If a film is disqualified, the Millburn FilmFest may, but is not required to, select an alternate winner. 

  • Winning films will be showcased at the Millburn FilmFest in April or at such other time as scheduled by the Millburn FilmFest. 

  • In the event that unforeseen circumstances reasonably require cancellation of the FilmFest for any reason, the Millburn FilmFest will so advise the entrants and shall have no liability as a result thereof. 


  • Winning filmmakers will be contacted by email by the end of March in the submission year. 


  • In submitting your entry, you and your parent/guardian are assuming all copyright liability thereof. Written verification of copyrights for the submitted film(s) should be submitted to the Millburn FilmFest by the submission deadline. 

  • By entering your work, you and your parents/guardians give the Millburn Public School System, The Millburn Education Foundation, and the Millburn FilmFest unlimited right to use the film, or any portion thereof, or any images contained in the film, for screenings and in promotional materials, and to publish in print, electronic, or digital form in perpetuity. My parents and I also give The Millburn Education Foundation and the Millburn FilmFest the right to use my name, likeness, biography and/or voice for promotional purposes, public relations, public information, student recognition or awards, instruction, distribution, or sales where the proceeds benefit the Millburn Public School System, The Millburn Education Foundation, or the Millburn FilmFest.