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Spotlight Series: One Millburn Day at MHS!

On April 19, 2024, One Millburn Day occurred at Millburn High School. The event involved a series of structured discussions on topics including current global crises, social justice, equity and inclusion, and student mental health. Students attended four event sessions in total. Each session was 45 minutes long.

All MHS students attended two assemblies. The first assembly involved a keynote address by Eugenie Mukeshimana, who discussed her experiences as a survivor of the Rwandan genocide and her work leading a charitable organization that helps genocide survivors rebuild their lives.

All MHS students also joined an academic panel titled “Schools are No Place for Hate.” Presenters from local universities discussed the impacts of racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, transphobia, and homophobia on students in schools. Panelists also discussed protective measures that schools are taking, and what students can do to increase tolerance and understanding in their school communities.

The remaining two sessions gave students options to join a variety of workshops -- over 30 choices in total -- on topics including leadership toward social justice, responsibilities toward refugees, mental health rights, immigration rights, current global crises, volunteerism and community contribution, self-expression, reflection, and stress reduction.

The Social Studies Department (spearheaded by Sharon van Blijdesteijn, MHS teacher, and Gina Watts, Department Chair) coordinated the event and its wide range of guest speakers, functions, and workshops. The positive impact of their work was impressive. In addition, over 50 students served as event leaders, for example by liaising with event speakers and guiding peers through reflection. 

One Millburn Day was meaningful for our students. A grant from the Millburn Education Foundation supported the event. Thank you for supporting the Millburn Education Foundation and its work for the students of Millburn!

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